Graduate Testimonial

Newborough Teacher Training Institute has given me the confidence to move ahead in my teaching vocation. It gave me the opportunity to step back and reflect on what I do, how well I do it, and where I can improve as an educator in the classroom.

I found the Montessori Early Childhood Education Program to be intensive, and very personalized, while affording me with valuable one-on-one relationships with the faculty.

Newborough Teacher Training Institute has delivered on its promise of quality in their lectures and course work. I have never worked so hard, nor felt so proud of the work I have accomplished, as I did while attending the course offered by the Newborough, and learning the Montessori teaching method.

Jennifer Battaglini

Meet The Newborough Teacher Training Institute Faculty

Sybil Taylor

Executive Director, Newborough Teacher Training Institute

Sybil TaylorSybil Taylor received her Montessori Teacher Training Diplomas, Casa and Elementary, from St. Nicholas Training Centre for the Montessori Method of Education in London, England in 1977 and 1979. She has founded and directed Montessori schools for children, ages 2 1/2 through 14 years, in Ontario and taught children since 1977. Sybil has been a Co-Director, Consultant, Lecturer, and Examiner in Montessori teacher training programs worldwide for over 25 years. She considers it a pleasure to work with future Montessori teachers who share her love and respect for all children.

Angela Abbatangelo

Program Director

Paul CedroneAngela Abbatangelo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from York University and majored in Languages. She received her Montessori Teaching Diploma from Newborough Montessori College U.K. in 1999, and from Newborough Teacher Training Institute in 2012.

Angela has been teaching children ages three to six years of age for over 13 years. She believes that teaching young children is the most rewarding vocation in the world. Being a part of each of the children’s progress, from the beginning, is the most enjoyable feeling to experience.

Angela’s mission as Program director is to share her knowledge and experience in the Montessori classroom with future Montessori teachers.

Mahesika Tennakoon

Mahesika TennakoonMahesika Tennakoon was awarded the AMI Montessori Diploma in 1987 and has over 30 years of professional experience working with children ages 2 ½ through 6 years.

She has been teaching the Casa level at Century Private School since 1995 and has conducted workshops, on the Montessori philosophy and the presentations of materials used in the Montessori environment, for adult students, parents, and teachers.  Mahesika is passionate and enthusiastic when sharing her knowledge and experience on the Montessori Method of Education. 

Nicola Fasullo


Nicola Fasullo

Nicola Fasullo grew up in England where she successfully achieved a Community Care degree. She immigrated to Canada in 1990 and continued her studies in ECE teaching. It was at this time, Nicola was introduced to the Montessori Method of Education. She received her Montessori certification in 2001 and began teaching in a large Montessori school where she has thoroughly enjoyed working with the children. In 2011, Nicola returned to Newborough Teacher Training Institute to obtain her MACTE Accredited Montessori Diploma and graduated with Honours. Nicola has been involved in the education of children since 1985, and as a Montessori teacher since 1998.

Nicola has also been lecturing for Newborough, for the past four years, in the areas of Practical Life and Language.

Nicola is a wife and mother of a 14 year old son who attended Montessori in his early years.

The best advice Nicola can give to anyone embarking on this wonderful vocation is to be true to themselves and to the students, to realize that we are not miracle workers...we are only human, and finally, to accept your mistakes and your students will accept theirs too.

Anita Gonzalez

Anita Gonzalez nAnita Gonzalez has been involved in the Montessori Method of Education for over 21 years as administrator, principal, and pre-school teacher. She has been a valuable lecturer for Newborough Teacher Training Institute for the past four years, and shares her valuable experience with our teachers in training. Anita received her original Montessori certification in 2002 and in order to achieve MACTE Accreditation, repeated her training with Newborough Teacher Training Institute and graduated with Honours in 2012. Anita has expressed her gratitude to Ms. Taylor and the Institute for bringing back her passion for teaching children. Anita tells us that there is no other place she would rather be in than in a classroom with children and witnessing their minds flourish.