Graduate Testimonial

My experience with Newborough Montessori Teacher Training Institute is a unique one. Having worked in the Montessori education system for over 25 years, I decided to renew and refresh my Early Childhood Education by taking the program all over again. One of the best decisions I have ever made! Every step of the way was like an ‘aha!’ moment for me. Director Sybil Taylor is the most inspirational figure that I have encountered over my long career in Montessori education. Her vast knowledge, warmth of character, and generosity of spirit have opened my eyes once again to the beauty of this remarkable method of education, and she has been able to truly impart the best of the method to teachers. The curriculum in the Newborough program is designed in such a way to surpass basic information, as Ms. Taylor makes meaningful the true essence of the Montessori method in the way that Maria Montessori would have intended it be understood. To my delight, the course provided me with an awakening and deeper understanding in every area of study. Ms. Taylor set the tone by creating a positive, fun and trusting learning environment that put everyone at ease regardless of their skill level and as a result we have all become friends helping each other succeed. Is this not what the Montessori method is intended to achieve? Ms. Taylor’s passionate approach to the Montessori method has definitely inspired us all.

Deborah Sharp

Monarch Park Montessori Inc.

Why Montessori?

"The man who does not live in an adaptive environment can neither develop his faculties nor learn to know himself." Dr. Maria Montessori

The Montessori Method of Education builds the individual and leads him on the path of life with confidence and independence. The Method has endured because it allows all children to pass through well-defined stages to maturity.

The Learning Environment

The Prepared Environment contains materials and activities, which are designed to attract and motivate the child.

All materials and activities are meticulously selected and carefully placed in the Prepared Environment so that they meet the needs of the children at each stage of development.

The Teacher

The Montessori teacher (directress) is aware of each child in the classroom, knows their developmental needs, understands their strengths and weaknesses and guides each child on his personal path of discovery.

Montessori teachers create an environment suited to the nature of the children that allows them the freedom to interact with their environment. The Montessori teacher's role is to observe the children in order to meet their daily needs and to be a guide and facilitator to the children in their own search for perfection.